Jesper Romell
President, A2 GLOBAL

Jesper Romell

Jesper Romell recently joined the A2 Global team as the President of A2 Global. With 25 years in the industry internationalization, global operations and management and experience are some of Jesper’s major assets.

Mr. Romell is a former CEO, Managing Director and team focused executive with global experience with SMB and Fortune 100 companies, distribution, supply chain, after-market services and electronic asset disposition (EAD) industries.

Mr. Romell has an established track record of successful growth and restructuring for private, public and private equity entities on three continents (NA, Europe and APAC) .

Identified as a leader with experience, foresight and the drive to motivate the entire organization in order to deliver customer value, Mr. Romell meets shareholder expectations and manages costs in a highly competitive environment.