global sourcing

source components from around the world

Responsibly source components and ensure component traceability with A2 Global. Our global sourcing hubs allow us to quickly access inventory in the global market. Coupled with shorter lead times for orders, our strict vendor qualification standards give you fast, high-quality sourcing you can feel good about.

    fast, responsible global sourcing

    24/7 Support

    Our customer service centers provide round-the-clock support, every day. So no matter where you are in the world, our multi-lingual team is standing by to support your component sourcing needs. 

    BOM matching software

    When you submit your BOM to A2 Global, our proprietary BOM matching software scans our database of over 500,000 part numbers. We can quickly match your requirements or monitor, track, and benchmark any components on your BOM.

    approved suppliers

    Our strict supplier rating system ensures we only source quality components from approved suppliers. We focus on keeping our customer’s TCO (total cost of ownership) low by qualifying suppliers and ensuring delivery of quality components on time, every time. 

    source your components from the global market

     A2 Global offers fast, traceable global component sourcing. Our offices across the world have strong relationships with regional suppliers — meaning your procurement options just got that much broader.

    A2 Global Locations